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10 Ways to Live a Fast but Eco-friendly Lifestyle this 2019!

Hello Eco-friendly buddies! 

This is our first blog entry and first blog for 2019 as well and for that we'll have something specially for you!

Any new year's resolution yet? Thinking of helping the environment this 2019? But having some doubts because of your fast paced lifestyle? Don't worry, we got you Eco-friendly Buddy!

Either beginning or already established on your zero-waste lifestyle, we still tend to have some zero waste fails. But that's part of the process and we can't achieve our goal without failing first. So we're here to show you some of the 10 things that you can try to do to start or build on your zero-waste lifestyle. 


1. Even if we have a fast lifestyle, let's still try to dine-in. This supposedly wouldn't take much time but will definitely help reduce the single-time use of paper bags, cutleries, cups, etc. Also, you may bring your own utensils (i.e. the Bambootensils) to help on eliminating any possible plastic utensils that may be provided. A simple thing that will definitely create a big thing for the environment!

2. When you shop or go out, try to bring you own reusable bag, either it be an eco-bag, a bayong or any bags that is. This will definitely reduce the plastic waste that usually is being provided by shops and stores. Even paper bags are something that create a negative impact on the enviroment, if that's what you'd argue. 

3. Have your own tumbler like the Lakbawayan Tumbler to prevent the usage of single-use plastic bottles. This will not just help the environment but will help you save in the long run as well with each costing you 20 pesos, which could translate to 7,300 pesos for one year of buying per day!

4. Plastic straw is one of the mainstream culprit of plastic waste. As this is a total single-use plastic that is highly unlikely to be reused unlike plastic bottles or bags. With this, you may use reusable straws or none at all! That would be a super win for the enviroment, right?

5. Zero waste shops are now becoming more accessible to us. If there's one near you, try to shop there. If not, try to bring your own container in during your grocery shopping to eliminate the plastic wastes that groceries usually generate. 


6. Transportation is something worth looking for a fast paced lifestyle. For any adventures that is near, try to walk it instead of riding a vehicle. This will reduce the amount of carbon footprint you generate. You may also try to bike it, a more healthier way to go to places and an exercise for your body too! But if not, try to car pool your way so that this will optimized the carbon that is being generated through this activities. 

7. Have you tried using natural body products like soap bars and shampoos? It is a better alternative to the commercial ones that generates excessive chemical by-products that may harm our environment. Buying these types of products as well don't just help the environment but also help our small and local businesses, as compared to the big companies out there. A great thing to be proud of!

8. Also, have you tried using reusable body products like the old-style razors? This is just a simple thing but would create a definite impact in our environment. Think of those times you're just throwing those plastic razors every month. That's 12 plastic per year. Multiplying it to the amount of people that are thinking the same mindset which is almost a billion people. That amount is quite insane! So if possible, use reusable body products. This will also save you in the long run. A definite win-win for all of us! You may try the Labahamboo for this!

9. Do you know that food waste is one of the biggest contributor of carbon gas in the atmosphere? Because a lot of us generate food waste more than what we can eat. So why not try to create smaller portion of servings and just cook what you need. Try to plan ahead as well to eliminate these food wastage. 

10. Lastly is about fashion. The fast fashion industry also contributes a significant amount of pollution to our environment with all the polymeric fibers that makes up these clothes. So let's rethink on our purchase of clothes. Do we really need it or are we just being consumed in the on-going fashion trend? This is something to think about for our every day lives.


And that caps off of our 10 Ways to Live a Fast but Eco-friendly Lifestyle this 2019. Do you have any suggestion or comments? Let us know then and let's look forward to have a more eco-friendly 2019 ahead!

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