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60 Billion -- That's the Filipino Yearly Plastic Waste

A study conducted by Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternative (GAIA), an environmental group, showed that each Filipino uses 591 pieces of plastic sachets each year. This translates to 163 million plastic sachets being disposed of across the Philippines daily and 60 billion plastic sachets yearly


This is a staggering amount that makes Philippines part of the top countries polluting the oceans. GAIA's study also showed that the problem is rooted on its availability and the demand generated for it. This only shows that there's two approach that can help to reduce the plastic pollution plaguing the country - one is stoppage of the production of plastics by big corporations and the other one is the conscious choices of consumers to practice a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 


Do you have other insights on this problem? What do you think are other ways for us to solve this issue on plastic pollution? 

Share it with us eco-friendly buddy!

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