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Let's Switch back to the Eco-Friendly Old-School Safety Razors!


Guess what that number is? 

That's the total number of plastic razors that end up in our landfill every year and that's more than a million kilos of plastic waste.

This is much wasteful in terms of weight than the waste we generate from plastic straws. 

So what can we do about it? The answer's very simple, let's look back again in the past! Remember your father or grandfather using these cool metal razors? That's just it.


These metal razors are called Safety razors. They are built to last a lifetime! And we could compare it to the plastic ones which cost around Php 100 each (around two US Dollars) and is replaced every month or so, these safety razors are much cheaper in the long run. 

A definitely win-win solution for the environment and for your pocket!

If you're looking for one, you may check out our Labahamboo, your next eco-friendly shaving buddy!

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