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Wrapping up this week, ‘cause TBC turns 3

Have you ever wondered what made you become a lover of fresh air during Sunday mornings? Just also by watching people stroll in a park, not having sight of a single plastic thrown, you’ll be able to feel some serenity. Have you ever loved the idea of putting your pieces of stuff inside a paper bag of your fave local brands? Bet you feel excited just by having a clear vision of all of these in your mind!

It feels like yesterday when we’re just starting to plot ideas on how we can transform our advocacy to a sustainable social enterprise.  Today marks the 3rd anniversary of our eco-friendly journey! This social enterprise doesn’t just serve as an inspiration to our friends but also a life-changing avenue, especially to those who aren’t aware of their daily negative impact ot the environment.

How did the breakthrough start?

Close to the plot, Jamico Jamlang, the Managing Director and co-founder of The Bamboo Company, toured the coast of northern Mindanao, where fishermen seemed to match fishing pump boats. However, the waters around the island are cluttered with trash and wastes, mostly plastics. Thus, the tale of the dolphins who swam with boats turned out to be a story of the past already.

This story isn’t just how the company started but how Jamico began to advocate protecting the oceans and seas until the promotion grows into supporting an eco-friendly travel industry and reducing waste. With this, Jamico wins the support of his parents as well as his friends, Kenneth and Elaine, to help him set up the business associated with his advocacy. At present, the company isn’t just selling bamboo toothbrushes (which were the pioneer products), but eco-friendly items that are continuously becoming popular because people view it as a change movement and more practical way of living.

Growing together, Transforming lives

Our platform becomes one of the motivations of our eco-friendly buddies towards transition. Besides the positive change we promote, we also help with the eco-friendly switch by providing quality and sustainable products that make thousands of lives more convenient. Filipino millennials are becoming more eco-conscious, for they have learned to change habits and place all their uneconomical belongings into waste. It is a small act and commitment to look after nature by choosing this practice. This is a very challenging initiative for us eco-friendly buddy, and your help is a significant step forward.

Who knows, you might be one of those who’ll join us towards this movement, right? And for the many years to come, together with The Bamboo Company, we’ll be able to create a lifestyle trend that will not just provide many jobs to our local craftsmen but will help encourage every single Filipino to switch and invest in a more eco-friendly way of living. Let’s get ourselves devoted to an eco-friendly lifestyle through a more eco-friendly practices and possessions.


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