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Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a small pump boat. You feel the sun rays' warmth on your face while the sea breeze blows gently through your hair. You're on your way to a small island. You dip your fingers into the waves as you look on the vast expanse of water, when all of a sudden, your friend lightly taps you on your shoulder and points at something in the distance. You see three dark spots moving towards your direction. You are unsure of how to react and you let the anticipation build until finally it becomes clear: it's a pod of dolphins, now swimming parallel to your tiny boat as your welcoming committee of sorts. 'Enchanting,' you catch yourself whispering. But somehow, your chest begins to tighten and you get an unsettling feeling in your stomach. This is too good to be true.

Now open your eyes. This story was once the reality for a small island in Mindanao. But now, that's all that it is -- a story. And together with other anecdotes from the once stunning sights in our country, they might just remain in the past, never to be experienced in this lifetime. Once you see the current state of the waters of the island in the story, you'll certainly know why no dolphin would want to come remotely near the shores.


Thus, our company was born: an eco-friendly start-up that aspires to safeguard the beautiful stories we can still experience today, as well as to bring back those that we have lost. We aim to preserve these stories of the Philippines by reducing plastic wastes and providing an environment-friendly lifestyle of exploring the world. Our vision is to have clean water around the Philippines where marine life can thrive peacefully and live unharmed by plastic wastes.

We are The Bamboo Company, and this is our Eco-friendly Switch Story.

Now it's time to begin yours!


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