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What's your Eco-friendly Switch Story?

Here's ours.

There's this small island in Mindanao that in the past, they say that group of dolphins would swim with you as you go to the island. Wow. What a beautiful scenery, right? But now it's just a story. Together with other similar stories, they'll just remain in the past. A story that we believe we might never experience again in our lifetime. Because once you see the status of the water around the island, you'll surely know why...

Thus "The Bamboo Company" was born. An eco start-up company that would like to ensure that beautiful stories of beautiful places, wonderful sunsets, and lovely sceneries will be an experience that we and the future can still have.

Join us as we create small steps towards this. 

Again, We are The Bamboo Company, a start-up eco-friendly company that aims to preserve the beauty of the Philippines by reducing plastic wastes and providing an environmental friendly lifestyle of exploring the world. Our vision is to have a clean water around the Philippines where marine life can thrive and live peacefully and unharmed by plastic wastes.