With every purchase worth Php 2000, you can help us plant one bamboo seedling under your name. Make your purchase both impactful and eco-friendly! Click to know more!

Right now, we are in a state of global crisis. In the Philippines alone, there are 8 Million tons of plastics that are being dumped into the ocean every year. Right now, around 7,000 hectares (around 3 times the size of Makati City) of forest are being lost across the country. The sea level is rising at 3.3mm every year which would make most of the island in the Philippines vanish by 2030. Also, there are currently 22 Million Filipinos that are living below poverty (that's almost the twice the population size of Metro Manila, the most populated region in the Philippines).

And with this, we aim to create a solution that would enable to tackle these issues through a material that is sustainable, easily grown, absorbs carbon in the atmosphere and can provide livelihood to our fellow Filipinos -- We do this with Bamboo. 

Right now we are impacting a total of 110 individuals (or 22 families in total), preventing approximately 47,000kg of single-use plastics to be wasted, harvested 100,000 stalks or around 20 hectare of bamboo planted and sequestered about 600,000kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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We hope to increase this further with your help eco-friendly buddies! 

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